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Company of 100 employees wastes over 1/2 Million $ yearly due to inefficient  interactions! 


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Is your company not prospering?

Regardless of size or specific product line in a company, there is a one recurring pattern which is the underlying source for their struggles today: “Stuck in old traditions believes”.  

Companies living by this culture of old traditions and believes are actually in a form of emergency mode, focusing on controlling and threats, trying to protect themselves from the things that can go wrong. Constantly trying to cope with everything that need their attention creates a stressful working environment where people feel that they never really get on top of things and don’t know how to get out. In this working environment, there is no room for growth. Very poor conditions to thrive.

Is there a better solution? Yes!

Geneswiss Consultancy has a unique and successful improvement toolbox called S.P.E.A.K.™ – standing for Systems, Purpose, Etiquette, Analysis and Knowledge. Our toolbox includes also the powerful Corporate Consciousness Program – TCCP (FutureWorks). 

In one sentence – We help our clients excel beyond believes. 

Our Corporate Consciousness Program™

The Corporate Consciousness Program is a model for any organization to recreate the way the organization work and perform.

Through the Corporate Cosciousness program, that incorporates latest knowledge from neuro science, emotional intelligence and the biological model of adaptability which all together bring forth efficient leadership, transparent management execution and organisational transformation in ways which will propel any business to phenomenal achievements and great success.  

About us

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Geneswiss Consultancy is an international coaching and consulting firm head quartered in Zurich Switzerland. We develop, improve and empower organisations by using our own S.P.E.A.K.™ methodology (Systems, Purpose, Etiquette, Analysis, Knowledge).  Meet the Managing Director.

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  • Marja Katajisto - Eklund

    Marja Katajisto - Eklund

    Top Photographer & Writer
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    Ben Chai

    International Business Specialist & Coach
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    Hilkka-Maija Katajisto

    Executive Coach & Senior HR Specialist
  • Jens Lennen

    Jens Lennen

    International Business Specialist & Investment Analyst
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    Christine Nielsen

    Executive Coach & Senior Consultant
  • Author-Michael Bart Mathews

    Author-Michael Bart Mathews

    Author & Personal Finance Results Coach
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    Haavard Helmen

    Executive & Result Coach
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    Philip Sykes

    World’s #1 Etiquette, Manners & Career Coach
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    David Fabricius

    World’s #1 Wealth-With-Balance Coach

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